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Students in Africa

Helping Every Child Around the World Access Education

Millions of children around the world are still without access to education. Our goal at Kids Ed. is to facilitate access to education for those children by providing school supplies, funding school construction, and teaching children that learning is their right, not a privilege.

But it’s not just about education. At Kids Ed. our mission extends to helping children around the world improve their life skills, health and well-being, and to support disadvantaged communities in the U.S. and abroad. Please join us in our challenge by donating to our cause.

“The neat thing about education is that children want more.”

Dr. Joe Walenciak
Dean, John Brown University

Every Child Dreams of a Career

Hola Joselin!
Age: 12 years
Dreams: To be a doctor
Favorite Food: Fried fish
Favorite Hobby: To paint

Hi, my name is Joselin, I am a student in Centro Educativo Cristiano “My Special Treasure”, I am happy to study here, and for the support they give me. Many years ago my family met teachers Cesar and Carol when they were visiting the garbage dump. Now I am a student in 4th grade. I have seven siblings. My father works as a security guard and my mother works every day in the dump looking for things to sell, my sister Yuly also works in recycling and my brother Jhony works on garbage trucks.

About 1 year ago my 17-year-old brother Ronaldo disappeared. The information we have is that they took him in a car and we did not find anything out about him. My mother is very sad and everyone in the family prayed to see him again. I have a new one-month-old brother, my mother gave him the name of the brother who disappeared (Ronaldo). My grandmother is very sick. And my prayer is for my brother to appear. God bless you.

Hola mi nombre es Joselin, estudio en el Centro Educativo Cristiano “Mi Especial Tesoro”, estoy feliz por estudiar aquí y por el apoyo que me dan. Hace muchos años mi familia conoció a profe. Cesar y Seño Carol cuando visitaban el barranco (basurero). Ahora yo estoy estudiando en 4to. Primaria. Tengo 7 hermanos. Mi padre trabaja como guardia de seguridad y mi mamá trabaja todos los días en el basurero buscando cosas para vender, mi hermana Yuly también trabaja en el reciclaje y mi hermano Jhony trabaja en los camiones de basura.

Hace aproximadamente 1 año mi hermano de 17 años Ronaldo, desapareció. La información que tenemos es que se lo llevaron en un carro y ya no supimos nada de él. Mi mamá está muy triste y todos en la familia oramos por verlo de nuevo. Tengo un nuevo hermanito de 1 mes, mi mamá le puso el nombre de mi hermano que desapareció. (Ronaldo). Mi abuelita está muy enferma. Y mi petición de oración es que aparezca mi hermano. Dios les bendiga.

Every Child Should Go To School…

But What If There Is No School To Go To? 

Carol with two students from Mi Especial Tesoro

Even children who live at a garbage dump or have been abused want to learn. Carol Lopez has been providing a safe and clean school for 160 children in Chimaltenango, Guatemala for 10 years.

Now there is no school.

In 2011, Carol opened Mi Especial Tesoro with her husband Cesar. Together they dreamed of improving the lives of children through education. Children who live and work at the local garbage dump. Young girls who have been sexually abused, often times by their own family members. Every child in their section of Chimaltenango that they could access.

Over the years, the school grew to support 160 children and expanded past 6th grade. Every day new obstacles arose – Cesar died before Christmas in 2016 from a heart attack, Carol had her own medical issues, and a volcano blew covering the school in ash. Carol moved forward with a greater vision than ever before.

After losing government funding and an attempted takeover of the rented facility, Carol decided it was time to build their own school. She found land and secured enough financing to purchase it. But there still is no school.

Please help us raise $6000 so that Carol can build 2 new classrooms for these children.

Every contribution will help every child reach their dream of education.

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